Redstone Quarry Trail

Welcome to the Redstone Quarry Trail

This trail is about one half mile long and will take you through the historic Redstone Quarry site. Along the way additional signage will help narrate the story of the workers who quarried and cut granite here for use in building projects both locally and throughout the country.

Along the trail you will see the remains of this large Stone Shed. This interior view shows skilled artisans crafting ornate designs from rough granite blocks. The train tracks running through the building were used to move granite to and from the quarries.


1) Engaged Column

2) Steam Engines

3) Stone Shed

4) Derricks & Rails

5) Lathe House

6) Green Quarry

7) Tumbler & Office

8) Redstone Village


Credits and Acknowledgements
Written by Bob Cottrell, Curator, Conway Public Library

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services
ARPA grant written by David Smolen, Director, Conway Public Library

With support from
Conway Public Library
Conway Historical Society
Conway Conservation Commission
Contributors and references
David Emerson Janet Hounsell Elaine Desjardins
Rick Russack Steve Swenson
Museum of the White Mountains, Plymouth State University