Meeting Room Information

Ham Community Room

Located on the lower level of the Library, our Ham Community Room is a multi-use room with a capacity of 60 persons.


The Ham Community Room is handicap accessible.  A small kitchenette is available for use and features a sink, microwave, refrigerator, coffeemaker, and electric teapot.  Wireless access as well as a DVD player, digital projector, audio speakers, and podium are available for use. A small conference table that seats 6-8 people is available in the room at all times. Additional folding tables and chairs are available upon request. Responsibility for room set-up and clean-up rests solely with the applicant. Please speak with library staff when you arrive if you have requsted AV equipment.


Use of the Ham Community Room is limited to public gatherings of civic, cultural, and educational nature.


All events held in the room must be open to the public and no applicant may charge admission to an event, except non-profit organizations covering the cost of materials for classes or workshops. The room is not available for commercial purposes and cannot be booked on a continuing basis.

Quiet Areas

For smaller meetings, such as one-on-one tutoring, we ask patrons use any of the tables located throughout the upper level of the Library.  However, please be aware of others using the same space.  As tutoring necessitates discussion, we ask that you select an area where your conversation will not disturb others who are quietly working.

For more information about meeting room use and eligibility, please review the

Conway Public Library’s Meeting Room Policy


For a complete list of events scheduled in the Ham Community Room, please see our 

Calendar of Events


To schedule an event for your organization, please visit our

Request a Meeting Room page or give us a call at (603)447-5552.