Interlibrary Loan

Looking for materials that we don't own? 

Items not held in the library's collection may be available to Conway residents through Interlibrary Loan. Only library patrons in good standing may request material from another library.

Patrons may request most titles available through the New Hampshire Union Public Access Catalog (NHU-PAC)

Patrons may now start their own ILL requests through the new NHUPAC. To get started you will need a PIN number. Contact the library to recevie a PIN.

For more information on how to submit your own ILL requests, please click here.


ILL Borrowing Guidelines

  • Patrons are limited to three (3) simultaneous Interlibrary Loan requests.
  • Borrowers will have seven (7) days following notification to pick up the material, and must check-out material only on their own library card. Material not picked up in the allotted time will be returned and may not be re-requested by the borrower for three (3) months.
  • Renewals will be granted at the discretion of the lending library.
  • Cost resulting from loss or damage of an interlibrary loan item will be paid by the borrower as determined by the lending library.

Each NHAIS (New Hampshire Automated Information System) member lending library may have its own additional rules for lending materials, the most common of which are:

  • New materials (those published within the last year) are not available through this service. If you would like to request a new release that is not currently in the Conway Public Library catalog, please submit a purchase suggestion through the My Account feature.
  • Not all libraries will loan Non-Book media (AudioBooks, DVDs, Music CDs)

If the item is unavailable in New Hampshire, the requesting library patron will be asked if she/he wishes the library to perform an out-of-state search. Borrowing fees required by out-of-state or private libraries will be paid for by the patron.

Interlibrary Loan to other Libraries

Conway Public Library will loan materials only to other libraries. Libraries may contact Conway Interlibrary Loan via email. All requests from individuals must be processed through a library. The New Hampshire van delivery service will be used whenever possible. Items will be lent for thirty calendar days and can be renewed for an additional thirty days if not reserved by a Conway patron. Items not available for loan, except at the Library Director's discretion, are reference and archival materials, materials purchased within the last six months, and items in high demand. Borrowing libraries will be billed for the replacement cost of lost items.

Conway Public Library Patron ILL Request Form

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