One Book Valley Final Event: Morgan Talty in Conversation with Laura Knoy

On Thursday, October 27 at 7:00 p.m., Morgan Talty will be in conversation with Laura Knoy at the Majestic Theatre in Conway Village. Knoy is a writer, speaker, journalist, and former public radio talk show host. A book signing will follow the program. This event will also be live-streamed. To register for the online live-stream, visit There is no need to reserve a space to attend in-person. 

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Rust in Peace - Abandoned Vehicles of New Hampshire

Abandoned Vehicles of New Hampshire: Rust in Peace, renowned illustrator and photographer, Jerry LoFaro, takes us on an inspiring photographic journey through the wilds of New Hampshire, uncovering automotive relics of a not-too-distant past. It's a breathtaking, peaceful, and sometimes sober look at the remains of a wide variety of cars, trucks, and buses that are both enhanced and softened by nature's blanket.

Taking Tea

Are you a tea lover? Would you like to expand your repetoire? Are you interested in teas and their history?

This program will explore the history of tea, tea types, how to make tea, and the health benefits of taking tea. There are over 500 teas/tea blends and "tea-like" drinks. There will be a sampling of each three main categories and a few more. 

White Mountain Art: A Tour of the Notches

The White Mountains have attracted tourists and artists since the early 1800's. Take an arm-chair tour of the notches of the White Mountains through 19th century paintings, photographs, and postcards. This presentation will include the Legend of Chocorua and the true story behind the Willey Side. Take an hour to come explore the historic relationship between people and nature through the paintings, literature, and poetry in White Mountain tradition. 

Art of the Harvest

Harvest scenes are a very common theme in Art. This presentation will include works of art by Winslow Homer, Albert Bierstadt, Benjamin Champney and others. This presentation will explore paintings, prints, sketches, and photographs to survey historic tools and techniques used to harvest apples, corn, hay, and grains. Traditional harvest time activities and celebrations such as husking bees, pumpkin carving, and hay rides will also be explored. 


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