Russian Daily Life and Culture

Russian Daily Life and Culture Presenter: Marina Forbes In this illustrated and interactive program, Marina establishes a link between Russia's rich cultural heritage and the lives of Russians today. The emergence of the “new rich,” the evolving role of women, the revival of the Orthodox Church, and the new emphasis on consumerism are all revealed as she brings personal experience and research to bear in this fascinating look at contemporary Russian life. 

Fairy Tale Fitness

Roll like a carriage, skip like Little Red Riding Hood, run as fast as you can like the Gingerbread Man, dance like a jester, and much more!  Come to the kingdom of Conway Library park and the magical fitness fairies, Tara and Tessa will bring your kids on an exercise adventure. FREE! Refreshing healthy treats offered at the culmination of the session. Comfortable clothing, sneakers, and water bottles are a must.

Edward Hopper: Sunlight and Solitude

Edward Hopper: Sunlight and Solitude 

Presented by Jane Oneail from Culturally Curious!

Whether it is a bustling city or a Cape Cod beach, Edward Hopper’s iconic paintings capture a feeling of stillness and quiet tension. Learn more about Hopper’s career, early influences and how his work relates to the work of other artists from the same generation



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