Library Park

Fairy Fest

Celebrate the magic of nature and imagination with an afternoon of fairy-themed activities at the Conway Library (outdoors, weather permitting). Enjoy a fairy story, followed by fairy crown and fairy house crafts, dancing, and anything spritely and fun! All ages are welcome. FREE!

Bunny Wedding

In March of 2022 the Conway Area Humane Society brought us Oreo the bunny, in hopes of bringing joy to the public while making it known that Oreo was available for adoption. Our library assistant director, Jeff Beavers was already a beloved human companion to a cat and bunny, and when he met Oreo he knew that he could potentially provide the perfect home for our furry, bouncy friend. The only question remained; would Oreo and his existing pet bunny (named Bunny) get along?

Pirate Party

Kids and caregivers are invited to this free, pirate-themed grande finale event to celebrate the summer reading program, Oceans of Possibilities! Pretend to be a pirate as you hunt for treasure, learn "pirate-speak", and enjoy a pirate-approved picnic. 


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