All Together Now: Amazing Animal Builders (Children's Museum of Dover)

Join the staff from the Children's Museum of Dover to learn about the river ecosystem as we investigate models of structures made by some of nature's very best architects and engineers! From mammals to birds - participants will get to examine and hypothesize about these builders, think about how they work together, and explore models of the incredible structures they create.

A museum educator will lead children in a hands-on exciting, informative presentation - with a focus on the food web, river ecosystem, and the way animals fit into their niche within it. Children will explore four activity stations and guess which animal or type of animal built the model structure. At the end, our educator will reveal the answers, and share some fun facts about each builder. Children will also learn about how people work with wildlife to create a better ecosystem- by building!

This hour-long program will wrap-up with every participant building their own mini osprey nest platform that will actually hold weight! Children will have a chance to test and re-design their creation. Children can also make osprey nests and a mini bird craft, perfect for younger children.

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Thursday, July 13, 2023 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
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Children's Museum of Dover