Taking a Bite Out of Climate Change Presented by Laura Slitt

This evening's topic is crucial to our health, sustainability and quite possibly survival as a species on a distressed planet being overtaxed, over consumed and showing signs of collapsing ecosystems.
Oceans are warming generating more severe storms.  Air is becoming more saturated with methane and Co2, largely from livestock agriculture, raising an unprecedented 80 BILLION farmed animals on a small earth surface where more than half is being used for farmed animals and their feed.
The consequences of this can't be understated.
Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Professor of Sustainable Development, at Columbia University lists, in his YT presentation  on Sustainable Development, the four major threats to our survival as a species;
1) Emerging zoonotic diseases from animals to humans
2) Climate Change bringing with it threats to the entire Eastern Seaboard and more catastrophic  mega weather events, forest fires, droughts, intense storms and  heat waves
3) Massive deforestation and land degradation
4) Massive air, water, soil, ocean pollution
We will discuss this urgent topic and how we can immediately take a bite out of climate Code Red by shifting towards plant-based nutrition.
A brief introduction followed by a documentary on the benefits of plant-based nutrition/agriculture,  called,  FORKS OVER KNIVES
After the film, refreshments will be served along with a  smoothie demonstration for hyper-nutrition ( based on Dr. Brooke Goldners recipe for disease reversal).
Free and all ages invited.  PLEASE BE PROMPT 
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Tuesday, October 12, 2021 - 5:00pm to 7:45pm
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Laura Slitt