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John Doelman's Quetico Connection brings the personal experience of wilderness canoe tripping to you through introspective poetry and connecting photography. Beauty and perfection abound in the symmetry of pristine wilderness. Quetico Connection uses that catalyst in discovering the spiritual relationship that innately lives within nature.

Quetico Connection is personal and deep, yet easy to read and easy on the eyes. If you have been there you will be able to personally relate to most of the poems/photos. If you haven't, you will either want to go or will look for ways to create the same experience in your own life. In either case, it will be an evocative piece for everyone who picks it up.

About the Author:


John Doelman is a semi retired real estate broker in Florida who now lives permanently in New Hampshire. John has been creatively writing, especially poetry, since the 2nd grade. The outdoors has been one of his great loves for over 50 years. His first canoe trip was 1969 in northern Maine, on the Allagash River system. Five weeks in the wilderness changed his life and launched a deep love of paddling. In 2012 Doelman discovered Quetico Provincial Park in NW Ontario while searching online for a new place to canoe camp. His life changed.
Doelman's poetry is deeply personal and evocative. John carries you with him, whether at that moment of inspiration, or the slowing down moments of twilight. To John, moments of life are snapshots of so much more. Doelman is a master of sharing that detail. Doelman has read his poetry in numerous slams and readings in Florida. His highlight was a reading of one of his poems prior to a Caroline Kennedy speech before several thousand at a Barack Obama campaign event in 2008.

Quetico Connection is a threaded collection of intimate, yet simple, poems and photos which began on a two week solo canoe trip into Quetico. If you haven't been there, yet, this inspiring book will spark the urge. If you have been, it will recall moments you cherish. Just notice.
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