Mystery of OWLS

  • Join Joe Callanan, a Natural History Educator & Wildlife Photographer, for a one hour talk to learn all about the owls that live in our New England woods. See exciting images of owls in the wild captured by Joe’s photography.
  • Joe will share the intimate details of their lives as we learn about the natural history that makes each species so successful living right here in our midst under the cover of darkness.
  • Owls are reclusive and shy by nature and owing to the nocturnal lives they lead are seldom seen. Joe has spent years seeking them out including: Screech owls, Barred owls, and Great Horned owls.
  • Joe will also touch on rare visitors to New England such as Snowy owls, Long Eared owls, and Great Gray owls.


About Joe Callanan:

With a lifelong passion for intimate wildlife encounters, I have worked hard to identify productive habitats and develop my photography skills. The essence of what I do is nature study. Witnessing a wild animal’s life playing out in front of you is a powerful experience. I have been privileged to learn firsthand so much natural history and the more beauty that I see the more that I want to see! 

My style of photography is up close and personal and I strive to capture images that provide an intimate view that reveals the character of the animal. Ultimately my goal is to open a window to the wonder and awe that I am continually blessed to see. Joe has presented at resorts such as The Balsams, Mount Washington Hotel, local NH conservation groups and senior living facilities.

Check out Joe's website of Interpretive North Woods Wildlife Presentations - Images and Natural History.


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Wednesday, May 17, 2023 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
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Joe Snow Photography