NH Mushroom IDing & Learning to Forage

Eric Milligan, owner of New Hampshire Mushroom Company will be speaking about how to find, identify, and eat wild mushrooms in our area. If you wish to bring in some mushrooms for Eric to identify, a suggestion is to store them in a paper bag (not plastic if possible, they rot faster).



Eric Milligan, an avid mushroom forager, began his study of fungi around 2002. Ten years later, he and his partners turned their hobby into a profession. In addition to providing fresh specialty mushrooms throughout New England, and closer to home at the Tamworth Farmers’ Market and seven days a week at their facility, NHMC also educates the public about all things mushroom through a multitude of mushroom-related classes, and tours of their unique growing facility in Tamworth. They are also happy to ID wild mushrooms for you—just bring them by the farm and ask for Eric.



Mushroom Varieties

(All mushrooms are great sautéed with garlic and butter/oil)

Blue Oysters – Mild in flavor with a subtle nuttiness. Great in lighter dishes, cream sauces, creamy soups, and omelets or quiche.

Black Pearl – A meaty bold oyster. Strong flavor holds up to braising. Great with stir fried, paired with chicken, over pasta, in quiche

King Oyster – Meaty umami flavor, robust texture similar to a button mushroom but with more flavor. Great as a main protein. Can be sautéed, grilled, pickled, and smoked. Our favorite is mock pulled pork!

Phoenix Oysters – Mild flavor. Great in lighter dishes. Over pasta, with fish, in creamy soups, or eggs. 

Lion’s Mane – Mild flavor. Great with red sauce. These can be used as a seafood replacement, such as mock crab cakes, mock seared scallops, etc. 

Elms – Strong mushroom-y flavor. Pairs nicely with heavy meats and game. Delicious in a stroganoff, on a steak or burger. 

Chestnuts – Strong nutty flavor. Great for stir-fry’s, roasted with chicken, in gravy’s or stuffing. 


For More Information please visit the website https://www.nhmushrooms.com

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Thursday, September 8, 2022 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
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NH Mushroom Company