Plant Swap

Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation day at the library! Bring in your unwanted, pest-free plants (babies or mature), and go home with another variety of your choice! Please include variety name and care instructions if you have them.

Anti-Slavery Tokens of Liberty

This illustration rich presentation is a discovery tour of tokens used for the abolition of slavery and the advancement of liberty from approximately 1792 through the Civil War.

Michael Callis brings his expertise and passion to the subject of how tokens, used as currency, tell the story of intentional political protest.

Come hear his presentation and view the actual tokens. This presentation is appropriate for older elementary school aged children through age 100!

Covid precautions take precedence. Masks are required. 

VEXio Kart

This is a 4-part program, limited to 12 individuals.

Participants who register should plan to attend every week.

Learn how to code in a virtual environment using VEXcode, a block based programming language.

Then build your own VEX IQ racing robot to compete in the VEXio Kart Cup!

Participants will write their own program code to automate their robot racer solving a maze in the shortest time possible.



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