Ham Community Room

VEXio Kart

This is a 4-part program, limited to 12 individuals.

Participants who register should plan to attend every week.

Learn how to code in a virtual environment using VEXcode, a block based programming language.

Then build your own VEX IQ racing robot to compete in the VEXio Kart Cup!

Participants will write their own program code to automate their robot racer solving a maze in the shortest time possible.


Partners in Health Family Council Meeting

PIH holds monthly meeting of the Family Council. We will have 5-7 attendees, and we should be done with meeting by 2-2:30, but reserved through 3pm for insurance. We will hold meeting, then assemble Holiday Activity Baskets for families of children with chronic health conditions enrolled in our program to prepare them for deliver Sat. Dec. 11th. We will have food at the meeting. We would like to use the side door. I will arrive early and check in through the front entrance.
Thank you for your consideration.

Morning Book Discussion Group

Everyone is welcome to join us for a discussion of this month's book selection, Tell the Wolves I'm Home, by Carol Rifka Brunt. Books for the year are chosen by the group and posted on our website. The library will have plenty of copies of the current selection, with large print and audio options if available.

Meetings are on Zoom and in person. Masks are required.

Contact Kathy Keene for any questions: kkeene@conwaypubliclibrary.org


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