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Conway NH Vital Statistics Since 1880

The sources of these vital statistics are the Annual Reports for the Town of Conway.  Dates of births and deaths begin in 1880; some marriages records are prior to that year.  It is very likely that some information is incorrect but it has been transcribed from the Annual Reports exactly as it was recorded. If you require information prior to that date, please contact us.

For digitized copies of Conway, NH Annual Reports you can visit the digital collection at the University of New Hampshire for Cities and Towns.  

The HHR files contain some 19th century marriage certificates, most of which date between 1850 and 1890.  A small number prior to and after this period also exist.  The availability of these documents is noted in the appropriate families’ information in the “Family Histories” being added to the Past Perfect "Archives" database.


In 1887, New Hampshire law began the mandate that each town keep statistics of births, deaths and marriages. Before 1887, record keeping was haphazard at the whim of each town clerk. Especially between 1820 and 1887, many records were lost, destroyed by flood or fire, or the data was not recorded at all.


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