Safe Building Plan for the Conway Public Library

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to identify tasks to be accomplished for the safe reopening of the library building.

We ask the public to review this document and offer suggestions for improving it.

Please submit comments through the form at the bottom of this webpage. Please note this plan is still a "draft" and has not been approved by the Library Trustees. 

Thank you. 

The Current State of Affairs

As a municipal entity, the Library was exempt from the Governor's Emergency Order, but we have been

operating in a manner similar to retail establishments. The Library has been providing “front door”

pickup of library materials for the public. The Library's procedure is characterized by zero direct

interaction between library staff and the public. As of April 29th, the Library has been accepting returns.

Patrons return items to a cart, the book drop is not used, and those items remain on the cart for four days in


The Library offers online public programs through Zoom and social media outlets. Printing and reference

services are also available. Library staff are working on a plan to allow for the checkout of Chromebooks.

Library staff have been working in two teams and come into the building on alternating days to limit

exposure. Full timers are working two days per week at home. Part timers are working mostly in the

building but some are working from home as well. All library staff have been offered the opportunity to

work from home exclusively.

Data That Will Inform Decision Making

The library will use data and guidance from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention to inform decision making.  Other sources of information will include the State of NH, Division of Public Health Services, Office of the Governor, “New York Forward,”and the Town of Conway Emergency Management Office.

Reopening Tasks for a Safe Building Plan

There are five categories that are made up of procedures, rules, and use of technology that will help

ensure a safe building for the staff and public. Those categories are staffing management, patron

management, building layout, technology, and cleanliness.

Staffing Management

  • Provide staff more off desk, non-public, time to limit direct contact with the public
  • Continue to allow staff to work from home
  • Require staff to document and affirm their personal health
  • Identify a reliable source of personal protective equipment
  • Henney Room remains closed to the public until further notice
  • Allow volunteers to perform tasks when building is closed
  • Continue separated staffing to limit potential for staff wide infection
  • Continue to have staff not share hardware such as telephones, computers, etc.


Management of General Public

  • Limit occupancy of building to 15 people, including staff
  • Front desk staff will keep a count as members of the public come and go.
  • Limit amount of time patrons may remain in the building
  • Keep computer usage to one hour. Turn on timed sessions.
  • Signage in the building to that effect
  • Have special hours for senior citizens and other immune compromised people
  • Establish and enforce social distancing rules (e.g. only one person allowed in an aisle at a time)
  • Robust signage encouraging social distancing
  • Continue curbside pickup service
  • Install sneeze guards to protect front desk workers
  • Require mask usage and make them available to those who do not have one
  • Spreading out computers to adhere to social distancing
  • Continue to have books returned on a cart to minimize handling

Building Layout

  • Spreading out computers to adhere to social distancing
  • Remove certain pieces of furniture to maximize social distancing


  • Install self checkout station using Userful upstairs and in Children’s Room
  • Chromebooks for checkout
  • Limit use of cash by using “Square” on a tablet
  • Set up WiFi extender
  • Set up Virtual Private Network (VPN) for staff


  • Adopt Procedures for cleaning public computers after usage
  • Make hand sanitizer widely available to the public
  • Identify a reliable source of personal protective equipment
  • Work with cleaning company to identify areas that require daily cleaning
  • Set up schedule for staff to do certain cleaning tasks during the day
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