June Summer Adventure Challenge

Complete a new challenge every week, or pick and choose at your own pace.

Each Read It, Build It, Create It, Write It, or Share It, activity is worth 20 points.

Let's Imagine Your World!

Create and build an imaginative, mythical world throughout the month of June.

(In July you will populate your world when you Imagine Your Community;

in August you will become part of your world when you Imagine Your Character)

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June 24th @ 6:30pm


Andrea Kuchlewska, a New York City playwright, wants to help you "Imagine Your Story."

Click here to join Andrea for a free, 2-hour introductory online playwriting workship

For teens (16+) and adults as part of the Summer Reading Program

Counts as 20 points towards the Summer Reading raffle!

Prizes include bicycles, a skateboard, and Kindle Fires!




Read It

Literacy - 20 points

Read about the purpose of origin stories and creation myths in different cultures.

Can you think of a book that explains how the world came to be?

Click here to read creation stories from around the word!

Click here to view materials on Native American culture, myths, and stories available at the Library


Read the about the creation myths of the Cheyenne, Blackfoot, Miwok, and Ohlone people here

Read two creation myths from the Slanin and Cherokee tribes here

Build It

Engineering - 20 points

Build a new world!

It can be as simple as sandcastles in a sandbox or sticks in the woods.

Consider using recycled materials, things you find in nature, or something totally new you create!

Having trouble getting started? Click here for some inspiration!

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, try building your world in 3D!

Create It

Art - 20 points

Draw, paint, sculpt, make a video, comic strip, or other art project of your world & its beginning.




Click here to learn how to make ordinary paper look 100+ years old!


Write It

Expression - 20 points

Write a Creation Myth

(Scroll to the bottom of the page to download this activity as a worksheet)

ChooseChoose a topic, object, or event that you love, that you respect, or that fascinates you. You can start big with a cosmic event, or small like rain falling. Even if you know all about the science of how rain works, for example, you might draw your mythic explanation from how it makes you feel.

Imagine How: Imagine how your topic, your object, or event might be created on a mythic level. How did the world come to be? What makes that rain fall from the sky, anyway? Is it a million birds crying? Is it the Cloud Mother wringing out her wet laundry? Is the Star Farmer sweating after a hot day’s work? (You also get to invent people like the Cloud Mother or Star Farmer. That’s part of the fun!)

Imagine Why: Imagine why someone would want to create this topic, object, or event in your world. Or, if it’s something that happens by accident, imagine how someone, something, or your world would react to it/be changed by it. What was there before your world and why was your world created? Why are the birds crying rain and what happens when they do? Does the Cloud Mother want to make sure all the water from her laundry drains away? Will the Star Farmer dry up into the cold white moon if he sweats too much?

Write: Now that you know what, how, and why, set your myth in a place that resembles the natural world or human society, but where magic runs strong and consequences are vast. Consider an ethical conflict between your characters that results in creation. Some examples might be: good or bad, generous or selfish. Maybe it could be the kind of human drama we all understand: parent against child, wife against husband, people against animals. The creation that results, even if it comes as a surprise, should seem inevitable by the end of the story. Because there’s always been rain, right?

Publish: Share your wonderful story with others! Share it with us!

A significant amount of this content was borrowed from this site: https://sites.google.com/site/mrkenneyshomepage/first-quarter/writing-your- own-creation-myth 

Share It

Collaboration - 20 points

Share your great work with someone else!


Join us on the 4th Saturday of each month for a Zoom share session with Miss Tara!


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