July Summer Adventure Challenge

Complete a new challenge every week, or pick and choose at your own pace.

Each Read It, Build It, Create It, Write It, or Share It, activity is worth 20 points.

Let's Imagine Your Community!

Create and build an imaginative community in your world throughout the month of July.

(In August you will become part of your world when you Imagine Your Character)



Read It

Literacy - 20 points

What is your imaginary community going to be?

One definition of community is a social group of any size, whose members reside in a specific location or share a government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

Will your community be small, or cover an entire planet? 

What brings your community's people (or creatures) together?

What traits do the members of your communtiy have in common?

Read the book Stone Soup (or one similar) and think about how families or neighborhoods work together to support one another.

Search our catalog for topics like, family, community, and neighborhood.

Read about a well-known person who spoke up for the rights of their community members.

What qualities do you appreciate in that person?

Click here to view materials on different types of social advocates available at the Library



Read a book that takes place in an imaginary world.

What differences are there between the community those characters live in and your own?


Build It

Engineering - 20 points

Build a new community for your character!

Consider things like transportation from place to place (walking, driving, flying, swimming?), how your community powers their homes and cities, what they eat and how the grow their food, the laws they follow, the values that are important to them, what events bring them together in celebration.

It can be as simple as a sandbox settlement or a LEGO city.

Consider using recycled materials, things you find in nature, or something totally new you create!


Click here to learn how to build your very own Fairy House


Click here to learn how to build a community entirely out of cardboard

Create It

Art - 20 points

Draw, color, paint, sculpt, or create another work of art depicting your community and its workings.

What type of artwork does your community value?

(paintings, tapestries, pottery, plays, songs, poetry, etc.)

Create a work of art unique to your imagined community that depicts its culture or some of its key values, such as:

- Paint a still life of your community garden or farm as you imagined it.
- Draw a picture that symbolizes peace, belonging, equality, or another value important to your community.
- Sculpt a bust of a community acitivist or hero from your world.
- Write and perform a play that tells your community's history.


Write It

Expression - 20 points

Write Your Community's Story

Write a story about your community or neighborhood.

This could be your current situation, it could be a memory, or it could be your imaginary world and community.


Re-write a fairy tale in a different setting.

It could take place in your imagined world, your real-life neighborhood, or somewhere entirely new!


Using what you have learned about community activists, write a piece from that person's point of view supporting or defending something happening in their community.


Share It

Collaboration - 20 points

Share your great work with someone else!

 It can be your family, neighbor, or anyone else!

 Share with us by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram,

or e-mail Miss Tara at tmckenzie@conwaypubliclibrary.org