August Summer Adventure Challenge

Complete a new challenge every week, or pick and choose at your own pace.

Each Read It, Build It, Create It, Write It, or Share It, activity is worth 20 points.

Let's Imagine Your Character!

Create and build a mythical character and their origin story throughout the month of August.



Read It

Literacy - 20 points

Who will your mythical character be?

Search our catalog for books about heroes, superheroes, gods, knights, or mythical creatures like fairies, monsters, and unicorns.

Where did your character come from?

What's their story? What motivates them?

Click here to read origin stories from some well-known superheros

Will your character have a mythical creature as their companion, or perhaps be a mythical creature themselves?

Click here to learn more about creatures in myths from around the world!


Sometimes the easiest place to start is taking a story you already know, and updating it with a new setting and characters.

Click here to see some fractured fairy tales available at the Library

Build It

Engineering - 20 points

Build your mythical character!

Using your imagination and new knowledge from this month's Read It activities, build a representation of your story's character!

Be creative and use a variety of supplies and materials!

Your character can be made out of cardboard and recyled materials, things you find in nature, or even a FRANKENTOY comprised of pieces of broken toys you don't use anymore.

(Scroll to the bottom of the page to download instructions for making a Frankentoy)


Is your character a creature?

Click here for tips on creating your own fantastical creature!

Create It

Art - 20 points

Draw, color, paint, sculpt, or create another work of art depicting your character in a scene from your story.

Keep in mind what type of artwork your imagined community values most!

(paintings, tapestries, pottery, plays, songs, poetry, etc.)


Write It

Expression - 20 points

Write the story of how your character came to be!

Backstory: This is where you give meaning to your character's past. Where do they come from? Give reasons for their intentions and motives.  A story works best when it is relatable to the audience. Even if your character is unique (say an alien) giving them some human characteristics (like wanting to protect their family) makes them more believable.

Once you have established your character, give them a catalyst for change or a call to action. What riddle in their life are they trying to solve? What is missing that drives them forward? For many superheroes, this is a supervillain. Often your character may undergo significant changes during this portion of the story.

Don't give too much away though! Backstory is more engaging if some details are left a mystery to later be explained through the character's actions or narrative devices like a flashback.

Superpower/Mutation/Ability: Use your imagination to conjure up an attribute of your character that is unique to them. This could be visible or invisible, physical or psychic, possible in real life or not at all. Then decide how your character will use this ability to change the community and world they live in.

Struggling with writer's block? Click here to try a superpower orgin random generator

Righteous Cause: The most compelling characters are caught up in a cause that they find to be larger than life. This cause is usually tied to their transformation and source of power. Sometimes transformation in their backstory is coupled with great difficulty or pain, which leads the character to want to make a change in a big way - often fighting crime or bettering the world when it is a superhero, and often vengeance or profit when it is a supervillain. A common theme for creatures is seeking acceptance.


Looking for some more ideas?

Click here for tips on writing an origin story!

Click here for tips on creating a sensational superheo!


Share It

Collaboration - 20 points

Share your great work with someone else! 

 It can be your family, neighbor, or anyone else!

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