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Here at the Conway Public Library, we not only help you find information, we also evaluate the quality, reliability, and usefulness of it.  At times, the quantity of options the World Wide Web provides us can be overwhelming.  With this in mind, we select and recommend web sites here in our Online Library section.  However, these recommendations are not intended to be comprehensive and may change as additional resources become available.

You may also want take a look at the following sections of our website as they contain additional recommendations:

Websites for Booklovers
Children's Online Library
Websites for Teens
Genealogy Resources

Great Sites for Getting Started

The Internet Archive archives websites and other cultural artifacts in digital form

The Internet Public Library offers quality online resources in a user-friendly manner.  Resources by Subject is a great place to start surfing for quaility information on the Web.

LibrarySpot is for educators, students, librarians and their patrons, families, and businesses.

Statistical Resources on the Web provides a wide array of statistical information from the United States and foreign countries. The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal provides links to the federal
government information you need.

Wikipedia Anyone can edit the content which means questioning accuracy is paramount.  However, most encyclopedia articles offer a list of references with links which makes Wikipedia a good place to start research.