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Teen Programs

THE WRITE DIRECTION- TUESDAYS 6-730 PM.  Join Olivia and Kyleigh in activities and prompts to sharpen your writing skills.  Bring a draft to share and edit.  Prepare for different forms of publication.  Enjoy creative writing!


MOUSETRAP CAR CLASS 2/8/17-3/8/17  WEDNESDAYS 4-5 PM.  Design and build a car from recycled materials that is powered by a mousetrap.  Use your engineering and observation skills.  Ages 10-18.  Please call to Register.


MONEY SMART SERIES FOR TEENS.  Build your knowledge and power!  3 classes in the series:  (Pizza Incl.)

"Bank On It"  3/4/17  10:30 am

"Money Matters"  3/11/17  10:30 am

"Your Credit Matters"  3/18/17  10:30 am


ADVANCED ROBOTICS Starts 3/15/17  WEDNESDAYS 4-5 PM  10 WEEKS. Build from the VEX IQ Drive-A-Bot to the Clawbot.  Code the robot to perform tasks, follow mazes, and use sensors.  Pre-requisite Beginning Robotics.

Please call to Register.


POETRY SLAM WORKSHOP 3/25/17  SATURDAY 11AM -2PM.  Come learn this exciting performance art and writing.  Followed by our POETRY SLAM 5/3/17 at Frontside Grind @ 6pm.


HIP HOP RHETORIC 4/17/17   (This is a humanities to go program through tessa.  I have no info on it but will get some tomorrow from tessa.