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Library Card Information

Register for a Conway Public Library Card

A Conway Public Library card opens the door to a world of information and entertainment.  Use your card to borrow a wide variety of materials from our collections.  With your library card number, you may access many of the Conway Public Library’s subscription databases as well as download audio & e-books all from the comfort of your home, school, or office. Please note: library cards are not required for admittance to programs, use of public access computers, or to borrow materials from the Visitors Collection (MWV Visitors information) or the Believe In Books Foundation Red Bags for children.

Register for your card online

You can now register for a library card online. Please visit our new account page and enter your data. You will still need to bring in your documents establishing residency but this will speed the process up.

Who is eligible for a free Conway Public Library card?

Conway residents & taxpayers

Albany residents & taxpayers

Frost Charter School Students

Kennett Middle & High School students

Conway School District teachers


These types of library cards are updated annually. We can better serve you if your contact information is up-to-date.


Non-residents may purchase library cards.  Non-resident cards expire 1 year from the date of issue and provide access to all library services, including borrowing privileges, free of additional charge.  Fees for non-resident cards are as follows:


$80.00 per year for an individual or family

$40.00.00 per year for senior citizens

$40.00 for four month seasonal card for an individual or family

$20.00 per year for a digital card


Please review the Conway Public Library’s Services to Non-Residents Policy for more information.



Signing Up for a Card



Valid photo identification and proof of current physical address must be provided.

Residents of Albany, NH must provide a voucher which is issued at the Albany Town Hall.


Conway School District teachers qualify for a free card, provided the materials borrowed are for classroom use.  Proof of address and a valid school ID are required. 

Attention teachers: Click here for information about educator resources, school visits, & library tours.

Children & Teens

Newborns and children up to seventeen years of age are eligible for their own card.  However, only a parent or legal guardian may apply for a card for her or his child.  The parent or legal guardian of the child is financially responsible for materials borrowed on the child’s card.  Also, the parent or guardian will decide at the time of issue whether or not to allow her or his child to access the Internet in the library.


Students at Kennett Middle & High Schools, who present a student-issued ID, may sign up for a card.  However, for Internet use, a parent or guardian must present their driver's license or other government-issued ID and authorize those privileges.



Using Your Card

Always present your library card!  When borrowing materials, you must resent your library card at the Check Out desk

Lost your card?  There is a $1.00 replacement charge for a new card.


Keep us in the loop

The library updates your contact information annually.  However, we ask that you report changes of mailing, physical and email addresses or phone numbers at the Check Out Desk as soon as possible.


Financial responsibility

Want family members or friends to pick up materials on your behalf or choose their own materials?  Go ahead and give them you library card to use.  Just remember, you are financially responsible for all items borrowed and charges incurred on your card.

If you lose your card, call the library immediately. We will block it from being used.  You are responsible for all items borrowed and charges incurred on your card until the library is notified.


Parental responsibility

Parents or legal guardians are responsible for the appropriateness of materials checked out to their children, including electronic information accessed via the Internet, and for overdue or damaged items.



All contact information, as well as information regarding materials borrowed, is confidential.  Please review the Conway Public Library’s Confidentiality of Library Records Policy for more information.